Science Expo

Dear students and families:

It’s Science Expo time again!  The Science Expo happens once a year at Grant and is a way for the students to showcase their very own science experiment or engineering project!

The Science Expo this year is May 14th, 10:00-2:00.

We have extra fun stuff added to our Science Expo this year.  In addition to the student science or engineering projects being on display throughout the school, we will also have demonstrations and fun hands-on activities!  Keep watching the Gazette from Ms. Fullwood and emails from your classroom to stay up-to-date on all the latest plans for the day!

For the student projects, each student can choose to do one of these two types of projects:

  • A science experiment, OR
  • An engineering design project

Enclosed in this e-mail you’ll find:

  • Planning guides, one for engineering and one for science:  These will provide you with information that can help you know how to do your project and display board.
  • Planning worksheets:  You can use these to help engage your child in the process, or simply to keep track of your thoughts and results.  The worksheet does not have to be brought to the Expo.

These are only guides.  The most important thing is that you have your scientist or engineer hat on, think about the problem or question you have chosen, plan your work, and go through all the steps listed.  The more you go through the process and play around with it, the easier it will be!

A couple of things to remember:

  • This year’s Expo is not a judged event.
  • Your project needs to either be a science experiment (that answers a question) or an engineering solution (that solves a problem).
  • Please do not submit collections, demonstrations or models.
  • Try to take your project beyond making discoveries and try to make a conclusion. (Discoveries are things that we observe, but don’t have data to help us answer a question.  Conclusions happen after we have lots of data that help us answer a question! Parents, Steven Spangler Science has a great description of Discovery vs Conclusion if you would like to read more ( … scroll down to the “Science Fair Survival Guide for Parents”)

Display boards:

  • Get them in the front office.  There are a few available now.  More will arrive next week.
  • You will not be doing your experiment live at the Science Expo.  The only thing you need to bring to the Expo is your display board.
  • Bring your display board with you to the Expo and put it on one of the tables that will be lined up in the main hallway that starts by the front office and wraps around the main quad area (someone will be there to help you).
  • For those unable to attend the Expo event:  Bring your board to the front office no later than Friday, May 13th, 3:00 pm.  We will set it up for you!
  • Make sure your name, teacher, and room number are written clearly on the back.

If you have any questions or would like to see examples of projects, please stop Mrs. Rattan anytime to ask!  Or parents can email her at

Now, dive in and have fun!!

Jogathon is coming!

Jogathon is coming!

March 9th!

When do the kids run???

9-10am Pre K, K and 1st

10-11am 2nd-3rd

11-12pm 4th-5th

Please include the student’s name, grade and teacher name
in the “Instructions to Seller”
to ensure the proper student gets credit for your donation.
Thank you for supporting Grant Elementary School!

BINGO Night!


Join us in the Cafeteria!

Friday Jan 22

Dinner starts at 6:00pm

Bingo starts at 6:30pm

Call to Action: Donate to Grant’s Annual Giving Campaign Today!!!

December 2 is Giving Tuesday, the National Day of Giving! The Fundraising Committee is asking Grant families who have not yet donated to PTA’s Annual Giving Campaign and SMMEF to please make your donations via the links at!

Fall Festival was a great success, raising $15,000 to help meet PTA’s $186,050 budget. Did you know our PTA annual budget is $186,050?!?!?! Yes, that’s what the “stuff” PTA pays for costs! The “stuff” we pay for is critical to the day-to-day operations of our school. It falls into four main categories: (1) Extracurricular and Co-Curricular Programs; (2) Teacher Support; (3) Equipment and Facilities Management; and (4) PTA Administrative Expenses and Charitable Giving.

Annual Giving - PTA Interim 2015-2016 Budgeted Expenses

Alright, you ask, but what does all this really mean to my child’s day-to-day school experience? It turns out it means a lot! New computers in K-2nd? PTA-funded. The annual class field trips? PTA-funded. Special assemblies? PTA-funded. Science Expo and STEAM supplies? PTA-funded. Talent Show? PTA-funded. Do your kids like Brain Pop or has their reading improved because of Lexia? These are PTA-funded as well.

This chart below lists what your donations to Grant PTA fund for your children:

Extracurricular & Co-Curricular Programs Teacher Support Equipment and Facilities Management PTA Administrative Expenses
  • Field trips and assemblies
  • 5th Grade activities (Tile Project, Science Camp, etc.)
  • Science Expo
  • Math Night
  • Quiet Center
  • Books for library
  • Community events/groups (ELAC, PLRN, Green Gecko, Wellness Committee, Diversity & Inclusion, Tardeada, Black History Month, and Kindergarten/5th Grade Orientations, etc.)
  • Talent Show
  • Career Day
  • Reflections Art Program
  • Staff Appreciation Luncheon
  • Holiday benevolence for Grant families
  • Classroom supplies ($600 per teacher per year)
  • Software/Web licensing for Brain Pop, Reflex Math and Lexia
  • Curriculum materials requested by teachers including Reading and Writing Workshop materials
  • Office Supplies
  • Nurse Supplies
  • Earthquake Supplies
  • P.E. Equipment
  • Computer and STEAM Supplies
  • Copier leases
  • Leases for K-2 computers (district provided computers for 3-5)
  • School safety
  • Capital Improvements
    (Last year these included: awnings for classrooms with direct sunlight, new chairs for auditorium, new picnic tables, marquee and math manipulatives. This year, PTA is working with Ms. Fullwood and the District to determine where to best focus PTA funds.)
  • Childcare for PTA Meetings
  • Refreshments for PTA Meetings and Other PTA-Sponsored Events
  • Bank Servicing Charges
  • Merchant Fees
  • Postage
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance (required for all our events like Fall Festival)
  • Legislation
  • Honorary Service Awards
  • Donation to SMMEF
  • Donation to Youth Camp

We have our work cut out for us to raise the resources to pay for all these worthwhile expenses. Toward that end, PTA engages in four main fundraising activities each school year: (1) Annual Giving Campaign; (2) Fall Festival; (3) Jogathon; and (4) Spring Auction/Party.

Annual Giving - Big 4 Fundraising Methods

While Fall Festival was a successful community event and raised its projected funds, our Annual Giving Campaign is way behind last year and substantially below our budget projections. Indeed, only 22.5% of Grant Families have invested in PTA this year!
Annual Giving - 2015 Annual Giving Shortfall

So, we are asking you to please join us in making your contribution to Grant’s Annual Giving Campaign to ensure we don’t have to make tough decisions to cut the “stuff” our children and teachers have come to rely upon. If your family is able, please consider donating $350 per child, though last year we received donations ranging from $5 to $3,000 and everywhere in between. No donation is too small and all of our donations help our collective goal of providing all our children with the resources they need to succeed.

The Fundraising Committee will be in front of school the mornings of December 2-4 to accept your generous donations and we look forward to seeing you then! If you would rather give online, you may go to to make your donation today. Click on the Annual Giving Campaign link that takes you to the PayPal site. Thank you for your investment in all of our children’s education!